Wednesday, 11 November 2020

storyboard ( book illustration)

My cover

The first page of the book will be like this


The second page

Trying to put the shape of my character among real photo

Sunday, 1 November 2020

Character for storybook


 For my first storybook I have sketched different characters. It is like a brainstorming in drawing.

 The first one I have been inspired by my classmate's earrings then I have decided to create one character and draw the outlines of the earrings. Moreover, in the past I have watched some mangas, that is why the character look like this. I have reproduced the same character which I have added music because nowadays music has become an important thing in human's life and this is a way of relaxing. Even for a child parents tend to sing so that to make the child sleep.

My second, third and forth characters are more likely simple than the first drawing. We can see that there are not many details like the first one because I wanted to make it simple for children who are reading the book and observe the shape of the character.

The last one is the facial expression ( smiling).

Then I have come up with the idea to draw some parts of my character like animal.  We cannot deny that children like animals as they see something different in them. This makes the animal more special in the children's eyes. With my own experience when I was a child I wanted to know the language of animals which is somehow impossible but this was the magic of childhood to think that anything can be possible.

I have decided to draw ears of fox in my character because it will suit also the colour which I want to add later which is brown, orange, yellow and other colours related to it.




I have named this character Luna

Sunday, 18 October 2020




The Mauritius Society for Animal Welfare is well-known in the island and this NGO has two main objectives. Firstly, it gives good treatment for animals and promote well-beings. Furthermore, the MSAW makes campaign so that to deliver communications all around the island such as schools and other welfare centers.

This NGO also makes awareness to the public in order to teach them how to be responsible towards their animals.

 Moreover, I have chosen this NGO as I am against animals abuse and also to give them a family in which they will be happy.

In my opinion, I think that any living things need to have a shelter and to be safe. It is normal to be afraid sometimes when you don't have a place to live and nowadays danger can appear at any time, and it is the same feeling for an animal.

Problem statement

The MSAW logo has never been changed and it looks more likely a hospital logo than a welfare for animals.

I agree that this NGO is here to give treatment to animals but has not mention to give a home to them visually on the logo.

Thus, I want to give it a new look so that to make people aware about treatment and adoption of these innocent life.



What people actually want to see about this NGO?

The public want something simple so that to remember about it and also know the signification of the NGO.

How to represent the logo?

  • colour
  • graphic
  • explicit
  • simple

How to communicate to the public about the work of this NGO and how to help them in the future?

  1. Make awareness of how the NGO is helping in the society
  2. Raise money to help animal in needs
  3. Educates friends and family about how MSAW help animal and how can they contribute to it
  4. Adopt animal from shelters
  5. Spread the word



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